Film Synopsis


Do harder. (Beate Goerdes)

Do harder-goerdesstill-
Do harder. (Beate Goerdes)

“Apparently, we are faced with a lovely and bucolic images: two birds are
singing while they are swinging on the branches. A nice oriental music is
playing on the background.
More and more, the singing of the birds becomes more sharp and the oriental
music becomes more strident. Suddenly, you realize that something
happens: this two birds are lost, they are looking around them and singing to
try to comunicate with the rest of the group.” (Anna Corpas Sanya)

Give me a smile. (Cora de Lang)

“The further you get from me, the closer you feel. These are the words of “Passione”, an Italian song that plays in the background. Its storyline oscillates between the ecstasy and the pain of love. This is a beautiful video, sending good vibes to the viewer. It constantly demands a smile. “The Mask of Hope” smiles, “The Young Gipsy” smiles and “The Happy Friends” are having a good time together. We are the spectators and we are inside a karmic world, flitting between dreams and reality and noticeably, we are also smiling.”

(Anna Corpas Sanya)

Keep your chin up. (Evrensel Ürüm)


“Evros is the nickname of Evrensel Ürüm. Evros is also a river and the
border between Turkey and Greece.
This video is composed of, at least, three superimposed images: a light
cube, a landscape and one hand playing a kind of puzzle.It seems that when
the piece (in the animal´s form) corresponds to the hole in question, we can
listen the sound of this animal. The comunication sometimes is also a
game.” (Anna Corpas Sanya)

Elicit a few “wows”. (Marty McCutcheon)


“A stage is presented with a kind of magician doing tricks. As well as this
video, the pep talks have also hidden tricks that will result in a ´wow´.” (Anna
Corpas Sanya)


That love is all there is, is all we know of love. (Marty McCutcheon)


“Each time is the same question: What is love? Love is all there
is, is all we know of love. Love flows like water. Innocence of love
is the same as the naivety of a child hugging a static and cold
stick. Because love is all there is, is all we know of love.” (Anna
Corpas Sanya)

Grow old along with me, the best is yet to become.(Cora de Lang)

GROW OLD ALONG-DELANG-“At times the road of life runs through dark tunnels but with the help of GPS or a good co-pilot it’s easy to reroute and take the sunny road. Having the right co- pilot makes for a nicer drive through life”

(Anna Corpas Sanya)

Never close your lips to whom you have opened your heart. (“y”, Michael Baastrup Chang)


“In the paintings of Michael Baastrup Chang is usual to find
sections, so normaly his canvas are divided in squares or
rectangular forms. But always all this sections have a connection.
In this video this connection are the words -the language- which
are occupying the entire surface of the board through the
divisons.” (Anna Corpas Sanya)

How you give is more important than what you give. (Evrensel Ürüm)


“The second video of Evrensel Ürüm consists of three
superimposed images, one of a church room, one of a street and
the last one of a couple of fishes swimming in an aquarium. In the
background somebody is chanting. Enigmatic as the other two
videos the question comes up, what is important here? What is
given to us by the artist? What is the connection between all three
images and the sound?” (Joas Nebe)

The longer the string, the higher the kite flies. (Beate Goerdes)


“The string is the only connection to a kite flying in the sky. The
kite becomes a point on the blue white board that sky is and the
string draws lines of strange figures on the blue.” (Joas Nebe)

Love and cought are not concealed. (“Cat Love”, Kisito Assangni)


“Inside a deep silence there is a cat. It seems that this cat is
looking for around it. It sits and wait. It makes a few steps, sits
and waits again. The cat meows but nobody can listen it, but the
waiting continues.” (Anna Corpas Sanya)

Dust off and get up. (Alison Williams)

To love is a choice and the kiss is a seal. (Alison Williams)

In executing our priorities, we will produce and use intelligence to protect the nations from threats and bring to justice those who violate the law. (Alison Williams)


“Alison Williams in this video is the protagonist, but not always we can identify her. She is adopting different personalities with several accessories, but Alison is always Alison. We can listen a voice whispering on the background, like the voice of our conscience being repeated in our mind.
Perhaps we are not apparently the same person, but we have all the time the same conscience. The voice of our conscience follows us wherever we go.” (Anna Corpas Sanya)


We literally work around the globe. Along with our headquarters, we have 56 field offices located in major cities throughout the state, approximately 380 smaller offices in cities and towns across the nation. (Beate Goerdes)


“Beate Goerdes underlies the text with a traditional tune. The
result is- as Goerdes put it- a kind of “advertising jingle” for an
intelligence agency. (Joas Nebe)

Protecting the people from terrorist threat is our founding principle and our highest priority. (Joas Nebe)


“A surrealistic scenery in high frequent takes, a close up of
moving woman´s eyes, a deer shaking his two heads in a canyon
landscape, a fish eye distorted cowboy body moving. This is the
night mare footage of modern data mining translated into cartoon
language.” (Joas Nebe)

The Department’s mission is to ensure a homeland that is safe, secure and resilient against terrorism and other hazards. (Evrensel Ürüm)


“Terrorist threads as well as other undefined hazards are
potentially products of insane minds, as insane as the strange old
man playing a kind of organ making noise-music in this last Evros
video.” (Joas Nebe)

The Department has fundamentally reformed enforcement, prioritizing the identification and removal of criminal aliens who pose a threat to public safety and targeting employers who knowingly and repeatedly break the law. (Marty McCutcheon)


“Train tracks shot by a moving camera are superimposed with a
cartoon like image of an old man with extra big eyes observing
the watcher. Everything is movement and observation- even if
observation seems to be strange or senseless.” (Joas Nebe)

The Department secures the nation’s air, land and sea borders to prevent illegal activity while facilitating lawful travel and trade. (Cora de Lang)


“Tower fronts facing heaven, a fruit of a cactus laying on an unidentified beach, a worker on a transmitter pole of a radio station lays across the image instead of being in upright position.
These are the images the artist creates in order to make the
claustrophobic message of the department´s self description
light.” (Joas Nebe)

(Art historical texts by Anna Corpas Sanya. Anna Corpas Sanya
has work in Spain and Germany and lives now in Berlin. Anna has
collaborated on different international art projects.
Joas Nebe is the curator of this project which he has developed.
The Proverb Picture Project is his second curatorial project.)


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